The Platinum Box

Why choose one when you can have it all?

Signing up before 20th April will get you the special oversized "Turtle" layered artwork and paint set (Launch gift) in May, in with "Feed the birds" crafters box. We are developing the first  complete art box for release in June

First box Release

1 May

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Beautiful Arts AND Crafts projects

Hands- on wood art projects, complete with monthly STEM! Loaded magazine, art supplies and reward badges

Why Little Crafters boxes are great for children

Produce something of professional quality with minimal effort

They help them express themselves.

They makes them more creative and productive.

They inspire children to think creatively.

Working with materials teaches them about colours, shapes and textures of different materials (sensory learning)

Helps with self confidence

What comes inside a box?

Themed art projects x 2

1 x layered artwork

1 x framed portrait to paint

Different themes every month.

Gender neutral

No religious or holiday items

STEM! Loaded Magazine

  • Exclusive subscriber only magazine

  • Exciting activities to extend learning further

  • Competitions, feature opportunities and more


Art Collector Pieces

​A small, simple build or item that can be decorated and easily crafted. Changes monthly

Full Assembly Instructions

  • Complete support to assemble any builds included in the box

  • Health and safety information for children to practice safe working 

Themed craft projects x 2

Different themes every month.

Gender neutral

No religious or holiday items

Designed to last a few days

Collectors Edition Items

  • These will change regularly, and vary in nature, depending on the box theme


  • All the bits you need to complete the builds inside the box

  • FREE glue and paints provided periodically

  • Video instructions every month

  • Access to community group support over on Facebook

  • Optional (heavily discounted) "Useful extras" available to purchase in the member area every month

  • Ongoing support in the "existing subscribers" area

Free UK postage

No minimum subscription (We want you to love it, not be tied into it!)

Price £49.99 per month

We also offer the boxes separately....

Perfect for children who are more "crafty" and want the added element of building work

Perfect for children who are more "arty" and don't want the element of fiddly building work

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is in the boxes?

A. Each box will have it's own fun theme. Each will contain a main project, second project, art collectors edition pieces, STEM! loaded magazine, full assembly instructions and regular art supplies to create beautiful pieces

Q. Do I need any tools to put the models together?

A. No. all parts should slot or glue together. We will provide everything you need inside the box.

Q. Do you supply glue?

A. Yes. We will provide a good size tube periodically to last you a while. Customers expressed concerns about the environment impact of unnecessary consumables, and small tubes of glue in very box. We have taken this on board, and thought this to be a more eco friendly option. The glue we provide is a multi purpose, high strength, non toxic adhesive. Parental supervision is advised with young children. If you would prefer to use an alternative glue, then most household glues will work fine for the builds.

Q. Will glitter be eco-friendly?

A. We are trying hard to make box contents eco friendly, from glitter, to packaging. We will never send out glitter in boxes unless it is biodegradable

Q. Will there be holiday themes inside the boxes?

A. We have elected not to include holiday related items in future boxes. 

Q. Will there be religious themed items inside future boxes?

A. No. We don't feel that the boxes are the right place to include religious themes, so we have left them out. If you are interested in religious themed bits though, we have a separate place on our website, where you can purchase these.

Q. Can I purchase just one box?

A. Yes. There is now a facility on our website here to purchase a one off box if you are not ready to subscribe yet, or would like one as a gift. Remember though, there are no tie ins if you did subscribe. You can contact us whenever you like to cancel, and it will be done immediately.

Q. What if I want to cancel my subscription

A. You can. It is as simple as that. We want you to love it, not be tied into it. We take payment the month before your box goes out, to give us time to put it together. e.g. Payments  for the 1st March box are taken 20th January- 19th February. You are only committed to the next box only once payment has been made for it. You can use the cancel form, accessible here or contact us at any time to cancel future boxes.

Q. Can I pause my subscription if I want to take a break?

A. Yes. You can pause your membership here

More useful information available in our Terms and Conditions.

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