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March 2021

New Look Booklet

We have given the learning booklet that goes into our Little Crafters boxes a facelift! Dyslexia friendly fonts, more visuals to support the instructions, and deeper learning activities are just a few of the new things we have added. Booklets are also going to be available to download online from next month. Click here to get a copy of the April Booklet!

February 2021

Little Crafters BIG Launch

We did it. We took the plunge and launched at the beginning of February. Overall this was a very successful launch and has already attracted lots of new families to our vision for STEM craft. We optimistically look to the future to see where this new journey will take us, and thank our customers for their overwhelming support.

January 2021

Little Crafters Subscription Boxes

The Beta launch saw a very quick turnaround for the new subscription boxes. They were snapped up by 100 parents all over the country in 4 days! We are busy behind the scenes preparing the fist boxes and readying ourselves for the full launch on 1st February 2021.

A Change in Direction

We announced to the world that we would no longer be continuing with the product side of Create and Engrave after 1 March 2021. We are focusing on our subscription boxes and are offering 20% off everything in the interim period

Pop up shop @ Wymondham Windmill

December 2020

Radha's Big Christmas Eve Speech

To end on a high, I did a live speech on Christmas Eve across Instagram and Facebook, to look at the year gone by, reflect on the ups and downs as a parent and spread some Christmas joy. A replay of this can be seen in our Facebook group.

Pop up Shop @ The Windmill (Wymondham)

Despite a very socially distanced few months we managed to make it to the Windmill for one last Christmas blowout sale before closing our books for 2020.

Record Sales during Christmas 2020

We were so pleased, and overwhelmed by our customers' support during November and December. We make record sales despite lockdown and are optimistic about the growth of Create and Engrave going into 2021

Our New Facebook Group

We are expanding our horizons and growing as a business. One of our next steps is going to be looking at STEM toys, and wooden models for children. We have created a Facebook group for parents for school aged children, and already it is filling up nicely, with a buzzing atmosphere! Join here

Christmas Cottage Giveaway

We held a giveaway for our first ever 3d model and gave six individual prizes out to brighten up some Christmases around the country. The winners were announced in our December newsletter

We were at Wymondham Windmill this weekend (12th December 2020) hosting a "pop up shop". We don't do many bits like this anymore (and have done even less so over the last year of chaos), but we had a wonderful time, despite the grey weather.

Socially distantly we were visited by a few last minute shoppers throughout the day, and the Christmas Tree man, John, who gifted us a tree at the end of the day!

The Wymondham Windmill is a fabulous place. The locals all know it as one of the go to places in the area to catch up with friends, take the children or pop to for lunch.

They are a good supporter of other small businesses too and regularly host events and days out, which are heavily attended by the local community.

We thank them for being a great host and look forward to our next event there!

We met Lilo and Stitch (2 beautiful bunnies) as two separate customers some months ago, and later discovered that the two had connected with each other through social media and become very special friends! We couldn't resist interviewing them both to get the goss on their very special friendship!

Lilo and Stitch- A Bunny Romance?



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 I'm a 5 year old male mini-lop cross who likes to cause mischief. I like to trip my human up every morning when she feeds me. My favourite things are parsley, raspberries and banana and head rubs of course. I like to spend my days running around the house, taking naps and spending time with my human.


How would your human describe your character in three words?

Cheeky, sassy and adorable.


How Would you describe your relationship with Lilo?

 Lilo is my best friend 🥰


Could a rabbit wedding be on the cards?

Absolutely, if we didn't live so far apart!


How do you humans feel about you two being special friends?

They love it! They're always sending videos and pictures of me and Lilo to each other. I've had lots of attention lately because I've been poorly, but Lilo has always checked if I'm doing ok ❤


What’s your top tip on Rabbit friendships?

Rabbits tend to live better in pairs and it can take a long time to get rabbits to bond, but sometimes bonding doesn't always work.



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a 4 year old female lop eared rabbit who is deaf, blind and have suffered a stroke. I have a droopy face on the one side.

I enjoy head rubs and love eating dinner in bed with mommy!


How would your human describe your character in three words?

Feisty, unique, adorable


How did you meet Stitch?

Our mommy’s started talking on a rabbit group and we started messaging as we are named after Lilo and Stitch


What kinds of things do you both do to keep in touch?

Our mommy’s talk nearly every day and send each other photos of us.


Do you have any plans of meeting up in real life?

We haven’t as of yet, but who knows what the future hold after covid!


Do you have any fun rabbit tips for our other bunny readers?

Use a lint roller to help with moulting, a rubber dustpan and brush to help with clearing up.


So there we have it! A modern day bunny Romeo and Juliet tale!

We love Both Lilo and Stitch and wish them every happiness with their beautiful friendship! They are both well looked after by their humans and have been super lucky to meet eachother too! Thank goodness for the Internet hey?!

Do you want to be featured on our inside scoop? Get in touch with us and tell us your story!

April 2021

Art and Platinum Boxes

After listening to customer feedback, we have launched a new ART box, designed for those who want to craft, without the fiddly element of building, and also a PLATINUM box- the mega, all in one box with a free gift thrown in for good measure. Its been another super successful launch, and we are excited about reaching out to even more children across the country!

The Premises

We are very shortly relocating to Sleaford. We are looking forward to getting hold of the new premises, and creating a new home for Create and Engrave and Little Crafters Boxes. In the meantime, we thought we would share a day in our lives with you so you can see what "working from home" currently looks like. We have outgrown our currently workshop, and are expanding into every spare inch of our home. Definitely time to move!

November 2020

The Packed Weekend with London Dog Week

We took part in this HUGE online event and did a big doggy Giveaway! Find out who won in our December Newsletter

The Ultimate Lockdown Survival Guide

Our FREE guide is available to download now from our online store

Puppypost Magazine Issue 6

We are featured in the PuppyPost magazine again in this issue! Get your free copy here

A Story of Two Rabbits- Lilo and Stitch

Check out the bunny love story here

October 2020

Baby Loss Awareness Month

October is baby loss awareness month. Its a time to remember our angels in the sky. To mark the month, we hear from some of our friends who wanted to reach out and share their stories. Create and Engrave will also be fundraising during the month of October to raise money for THIS support group. 

Please donate or purchase one of our keyrings to support this very worthwhile cause.

Halloween Competition

Our Halloween competition is now closed. Head over to our Halloween page to see some of the entries for 2020. Well done to our winner, who will be receiving a personalised plaque!

September 2020

Rabbit Awareness Week

As we have so many rabbit owner customers, we wanted to do something to mark RAW week and offer some support to the rabbit community on caring for their buns. Luckily we have an amazing brand rep, who is an expert on the field and wrote us a whole article on the subject. Get some top tips here.

Broken Biscuits Charity Fundraiser

We were introduced to this amazing charity, who do amazing work with rescue dogs, and disabled pups everyday. We couldn't help by reaching out and trying to raise some money to support them. We set a target of £200. Did we manage it? Click here to find out