Meet the Team



Hi, I’m Ben. I am a sculptor and digital designer currently studying at De Montfort University.


Having gotten into art from an early age thanks to a Grandfather who is a professional artist and lecturer, I have carried it through into a degree in fine art. I have loved science and mathematics since early childhood and have brought it into my art in a variety of ways. Things like 3D printing and using software like Blender and Fusion 360 to design sculpture are fascinating to me as an artist in the modern world. After University, I am aiming to become a technician. Helping other students with the practical aspects of making art, spending time in workshops, and using my spare time to further my own artistic practice.


Whilst not working on my next project, I love to read. In particular I am a fan of sci-fi, whether it be classic stories from Isaac Asimov and H.P. Lovecraft or modern stories and comics from DC and Marvel. My other big hobby is recording my dreams. I have written down as many dreams as I can remember for over 5 years now, and my collection is book-sized and growing stronger by the night.


Here at Create and Engrave, I assist with the digital processing side of things, taking peoples’ photos and editing them into a form that can be laser-etched.


Ben B



Hey, I'm Charlotte. I'm currently in my last year of studying animation at the University of Wolverhampton, and work as a freelance artist with plans of going into storyboarding at a later date.

At the moment I'm learning Dutch and Arabic and plan on taking up Anglo-Saxon once I have ahandle on the first two. I and am interested in drying and keeping plants, taxidermy, keeping exotic fish (of which I currently have a peapuffer and a bichir which have been with me for a couple years now) and reading visual novels and high fantasy/sifi books like Saga by Brian. K Vaughan and Wayfarers by Becky Chambers.

I enjoy collaborating with other artists, whether it's on visual stories like animation, liveaction films or comics, or on producing artisan, one of a kind pieces like i will be here. My role in Create and Engrave is to help edit your photos and prepare them to be engraved and turned into physical pieces of art for you and your families and friends.

Charlotte R