Our Amazing Brand Reps!



Rosy Bridges

I’m Rosy, live in Birmingham and I’m a mum to three girls, two of which are twins. I love anything food and my favourite thing to do is cook with my family


Scout is a 4 year old rescue collie who loves nothing better than chasing stuff that moves. She loves showing off. 
Her personal assistants are Rachel & Andy who help to manage her social media for her.


Georgia and Cosmo

Hi! My name is Cosmo and I’m a 3 month old mini lop buck from Dorset. I am obsessed with food and love running around the garden with my bunmum Georgia. My favourite things are pea and mint sticks, chew mats and napping! 💙💚❤️



Lauren Green

I’m Lauren, from Worcester, Olivia is 7 on the 31st may, Amelia is 4 on the 30th june, Jaxson is 13 weeks. Im a carer in a care home.



Julianne Goodliffe

Rosie is 5 years old and so full of life. She is a beautiful dog and amazing big sister to my children. She loves tennis balls, sticks and treats. 

I’m Julianne. I am usually behind the camera and love giving photo gifts to family and friends. I have a son aged 2 and a half, a daughter aged 4 months and Rosie is my fur baby. I am from Ireland and living in Scotland.