Our single subscription boxes are perfect for one child, or two children sharing.


Each month encompasses it's own theme, to make each box very unique and wonderful in it's own way.


Every box includes

- A main build

- A secondary project

- Collectors edition build

- A themed extension activity booklet

- Everything else you need to complete the builds (e.g. LED lights, batteries, etc)


The first 100 subscribers for the March box will receive some added bonuses in their first box (applied automatically if you are eligable):

- Paint colour pallette (RRP £5.99)

- Children's Reading book (RRP £5.99)

- Bonus themed comprehension workbook (RRP- 14.99)


We will include a sizable bottle of non toxic, multi purpose, high strength glue, every six months into your box to support your builds (parental supervision advised). You will generally get these in March and September boxes. Most other glues will work equally as well if you prefer an alternative.


Everything we produce for the box is completely eco friendly (including ALL our packaging materials). There are some items we buy in (e.g. LED lights and other accessories) for builds, which we have less control over, but we are trying hard to minimize on plastic to help the environment.

Single Subscription Box

Price Options
Single Subscription
Monthly awesome-ness in a box!
£25.00monthly/ auto-renew
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