If you are not quite ready to subscribe yet, but would like to try out a box, then this is the correct place for you to be. No commitments, no subscription, just a box full of goodies to try out and see how you get on.


Unfortunately we cannot offer back orders on boxes that have previously been released. You will get the next box in the sequence.


If you order on or before 20th of the month, you will receive a box around 1st of the following month. e.g. to receive a March box, you need to order before 20th February. After this your order will carry over to the following month.


Every box includes

- A main build

- A secondary project

- Collectors edition build

- A themed extension activity booklet

- Everything else you need to complete the builds (e.g. LED lights, batteries, etc)


Everything we produce for the box is completely eco friendly (including ALL our packaging materials). There are some items we buy in (e.g. LED lights and other accessories) for builds, which we have less control over, but we are trying hard to minimize on plastic to help the environment.

One off box

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