The Little Crafters Art box is perfect for those who love to create beautiful pieces of work, but without too much of the "crafty" element of the original box.


The art box has a different theme every month (which will match the theme of the original box), but will include different items:


- Layered artwork, with numbered pieces, easily painted and glued together

-  A themed, framed portrait, which can be painted and hung up

- "Art Collectors" edition items- This will change month to month and be a small item or SIMPLE craft

- STEM Loaded magazine, full of themed extension activities and opportunities for children to earn reward badges and publish their own work

- Full instructions for any assembly that is needed for products inside the box.

-Regular art supplies needed for builds (paint, glue, etc)


Doing our bit for the environment:

We manufacture the box items in house and aim to keep everything we produce eco friendly (right down to the packaging). We try hard to source eco friendly and non toxic consumables where we can too (although cannot guruntee that this will always be possible for everything).


There are no tie ins. You can cancel or pause your membership whenever you like, using the corresponding forms in the "Existing members" area. You are only commited to a box, once it has been paid for. 


To receive a box next month, you must subscribe before midnight on 19th of this month. Subscriptions from 20th of the month roll over to the month after.

ART BOX- Single Subscription

Price Options
One-time purchase
ART BOX- Single
£25.00monthly/ auto-renew
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