This stunning birchwood children's organiser comes with 6 magnetic detachable task squares ("You can choose what you would like on them. We will design a picture for each one"). These can be stored in the handy linen drawstring bag and both items hung up literally anywhere with the two adhesive hooks that are supplied with the product.

Other square sets are available to buy to make the product multi functional and grow with your children.

Perfect for children who work well from visual aids, reward charts or are learning to be more independent.

Also a really good tool to use with children who may be non verbal, or have ASD.


The product measures 30 X 15 cm (this does not include the measurement for the rope/ hanging space it will need)

Children’s Magnetic Visual Organiser-Make Your Own!

Add 6 “Daily Task" Squares for £10
Add 2 Custom Square Tasks for £5?