What better gift, than the gift of learning, excitement, wonder and awe?


You can guaruntee they won't have got one of these before (unless they are a subscriber), because we design the entire concept of each box in house! 


Ideal if you are a regular, and you know this is something you want to stick with for at least the next 12 months. Pay once per year, and we will keep sending monthly boxes out. If you choose to cancel, don't worry. We will still send out any boxes that have already been paid for.


Typically, each box includes a main build, a secondary (often simpler) build, collectors edition items, all the consumables your builds will need, and an extension activity book to keep the excitement going even further!


Boxes are aimed at children aged 5-15 and are designed to be ASD friendly.


Annual Subscription- Pay yearly- Save 20%

Price Options
Yearly Subscription
Save 20% off monthly subscription with this option
£239.99yearly/ auto-renew
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