Baby Face Modelling Campaign

Hi, I’m Serena, owner and one woman band here at Child Whisperer Photography.

I’m so pleased to be collaborating with Radha at Create and Engrave and I’ve been asked to tell you a little bit about what I do and why I do it so here we go.


Obviously I've always loved photography, that's probably a given for every professional photographer in the entire world, but it was the birth of my son (just over 13 years ago now) that I discovered a passion for child and family portraiture.


It's impossible to fully describe the sense of joy and wonder you feel as you gaze on that little face for the first time, you’re exhausted and in pain, people are still fussing around you but oh my goodness that overwhelming sense of love and devotion as you hold your precious bundle in your arms just makes everything else seem insignificant. In that instant I knew I never wanted to forget a single thing, I wanted to capture every moment, every tiny detail, every expression and every stage.


Fast forward to today, it’s a true privilege to be able to share the gift of memories with my clients, to capture your precious memories of your little ones for you to treasure, but for me it goes beyond just capturing those memories. We live in a digital age and every parent has hundreds of photos on their devices (me included), that we have the technology to do this is fantastic but I also think it’s a real shame. There is no comparison to a beautiful portrait art piece of the most precious thing in your life. This now drives me, is shaping my business future and gave birth to my tagline – ‘Let’s Get Your Portrait Art On Display, Not Hidden Away!’


So how did Create and Engrave get on my radar? Well actually I first met Radha whilst helping run a craft event with my parents over at Wymondahm Windmill, not my day job as they say but I help them as much as I can.


Have you ever met someone you just clicked with? That was us, we both have so much in common, we’re both insanely passionate about what we do and ideas were flying between us within hours. Like so many businesses this year our plans were put on hold but I can now happily say I’ll be adding Create and Engraves wonderful keepsake to my Christmas gift options this year.

So where do you come in?

I need 10 mini models to feature on our gift samples, they’ll also be in a special Christmas campaign heading out to my subscribers. If your little one is aged between 1 and 5, you’re in the Nottinghamshire area and you would love to capture their character in my favourite toddler session ‘Baby Face’ I’d love to hear from you. Everyone who takes part will receive a special Christmas keepsake with their session.


Contact me through Instagram or Facebook  and quote ‘Mini Model with Create and Engrave’ or email me here

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