Meet the Maker


I’m a mum-preuner with some big ideas and a whole lot of engraving enthusiasm that I use to put smiles on people’s faces everyday. I absolutely love what I do, and get a real buzz from the emotions that come from my customers on the products I make for them.

Engraving started off as a therapeutic hobby for me a couple of years ago. I am a Computer Science teacher of 15 years, mum of 2 gorgeous boys, and wife to a charming French carpenter. 

It started with making gifts for friends and family, experimenting with my husbands engraving machine, and off cuts of wood he would other wise throw away. 

I dabbled in craft fairs, and made myself a little website to sell a few pieces, and before I knew it, people were really starting to notice my work, I was completely addicted to taking my machine out with me engraving live in front of my customers at events to create a real ‘wow’ factor. My customers would often be tearful with emotion upon receiving their products (and make me cry too!), and so I carried on.

I can engrave almost anything now, but my absolute passion is with the pieces that come from the ❤️, from baby ultrasound scans 🤰🏻, to family and pet photos👨‍👩‍👧 👫, through to memorial plaques for people remembering their loved ones. 

My family are my absolute world. We live in a little town in Leicestershire, in the heart of the UK. I like growing fruit and veg, Zumba and Pole fitness to keep my body and mind healthy and happy. So that’s me. Hello world, it’s nice to meet you!

EDIT: January 2021- The business has grown and is developing into a much bigger beast than I ever imagined. I have spent some time reflecting over the last couple of weeks and I have made the decision to focus solely on the new children's subscription boxes we are currently launching. My teaching career and love of learning is deeply ingrained into me, and in the current climate, I feel it is necessary to reach out to children more than ever. It's a great way to marry together all my skills and I am excited to drive the business into this new direction!